I wish all realtors whom I perform closing for would take as much care to detail. He truly enjoys the satisfaction of clients and has great respect for everyone involved in the process. He really is on a mission and I approve.
-Carol Keys, Keys Title Agency 

A true team of earnest dedicated professionals. Persistent, they just keep going.
-N. Chamoun

I called to see if they could help and they were there within 1 hour. Great care to detail, and got us a swarm of buyer. Automotive  property brokerage at its best.
-Biljana and Pete Garic, Garis Auto 

Entrepreneur of the year (every year). Its no wonder why they list over a million dollars per month. They not only understand business, they treat people right and most importantly they have class.
-B. Paris, Business Consultant

We prayed for a miracle, and then the next day he walked through our door. They found me a great deal, he got us the loan that everyone else said was impossible, and then found us contractors who tailored the building to our needs. We now own our church and his team just keeps giving.
-Pastor Felix, Life Care Outreach Ministries

They took care of every detail and closed the sale of my property seamlessly while I was busy with my new life over 300 miles away.
-Boyd Dounveor

We wanted to expand one of our businesses with a safe investment that included a commercial income property. When I hired JAG they found me the right property, and then referred me to a marketing consultant. The team designed a system and the phone just keeps ringing. I will need another warehouse and know who to call. Not just realtors, they are rainmakers
-V. Lomonico, HL Properties

Down to earth no non- nonsense solutions. Joe fired our architect, Youline designed our kitchen, they hired incredible contractors, supervised the work and then sold our property. Completely seamless and very humble. What a team!
-Rucht D'oleo

Joseph Gabris, PA
Joseph Gabris, PA
Commercial Real Estate Broker
1800 Sans Souci Blvd #231 North Miami FL 33181