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Joe’s introduction to commercial real estate started in construction and renovation of properties. He worked with the installation of heating plants, roofing systems, energy saving and safety window installations from 1986 through 1996. During this period, Joe presided over $53 Million in these renovations. Joe helped fund these installations by arranging, tax abatements and rent increases for his clients. Gabris currently and actively bids on contracting work.

Joe studied for and received his New York Real Estate Brokers license in 1993. He participated in approximately $12 Million in sales through 2005. He was offered several opportunities in South Florida and relocated there in 2006. He transferred his license credentials to Florida, but given his introduction to new territory, in order to establish himself, Gabris firstly focused on mortgages and banking. He received a Florida Mortgage Broker License in 2007. He originated over $25 Million in loans on residential and commercial properties through 2012. Gabris maintains a network of lenders and investors in the financial industry. Since obtaining his Florida Brokers License in 2012, Joe Gabris, with working partners and agents has personally closed:

Leased w/Option Buy Strip Plaza Wilton Manors$1,300,000
Leased w/Option Buy Service Station, N. Miami$1,100,000
Sold AutoBody Shop, Miami Gardens$600,000
Leased w/Option Buy Warehouse, Hallandale$250,000
Leased w/Option Buy Montessori School, Hallandale$780,000
Sold 2/2 Condo, Hialeah$200,000
Warehouses, Pinecrest$550,000
Sold Development Site, Miami Gardens$4,500,000
Sold Church, N. Miami Beach$210,000
Sold Office Plaza Hallandale$5,250,000
Sold Royal Palm Warehouses, Homestead$2,250,000
Sold Crystal Tower Development Site, Miami$3,500,000
Sold Medical Clinic. Hallandale$165,000
Leased Gym Clinic, Wilton Manors$25,000
Sold Auto Service Center, Little Haiti$185,000

Gabris who works in quality circles utilizing matrix management techniques for rapid deployment of mastermind groups, currently leads his commercial brokerage teams as an independent real estate broker. Gabris has been licensed under and continues to have working relationship with Capital Commercial Real Estate Group, Keller Williams, Keller Williams Elite, Keller Williams Commercial, La Rosa Realty, and Southern Signature Realty. Gabris has also cooperated with and has worked as consultant with numerous agencies. While Gabris has sold office, multifamily, a commercial properties, he specializes in automotive and industrial properties. In Florida, Gabris has been involved with more than $25,000,000 in transactions to date (2017). Focused on the Big Picture, Gabris carefully tracks his clients’ requirements and tailor’s programs meeting long term objectives.

On average (excluding mega deals), Gabris lists $500,000 in property per week ($100,000 exclusively). His success is the result of perseverance and dedication to detail. With a Masters in Social Policy Health Care Administration (SUNY at Saratoga 1998) and a Bachelors in Business Management and Marketing (SUNY at New Paltz 1983), Gabris has concentrated on growing a sphere of influence in Medical Clinics, Automotive Repair, and Banking. Gabris has a proven method for getting deals, he works with winners who include him in their business and marketing plans. Gabris has and currently spearheads several master mind groups.

Gabris grows relationships with his clients and contacts who are interested in building and preserving wealth. His contacts enjoy his insights and the sense of loyalty he instills from his dedication to details. Gabris follows through until completed and is not in the habit of delegation of duty to non-stakeholders. According to Gabris; "agents who are stakeholder's minimize the need to micro-manage. Gabris is looking forward to the opportunity to grow your business and sharing success

Gabris actively recruits-trains-mentors promising agents and has a network of professionals he can rely on. He places the agents into his matrix of winning professionals, and diligently works to assure triple win results.

Joe believes “My client makes money, my team makes money and then I make money”.

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Joseph Gabris, PA
Joseph Gabris, PA
Commercial Real Estate Broker
1800 Sans Souci Blvd #231 North Miami FL 33181
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